“Good Day! I have been a feeder of a leading prescription diet for a long time. I raise a fairly unknown breed of dog – English Shepherds. I have competed with them in both agility trials across the country, as well as conformation shows. I need for my dogs to look great, feel great and perform great. This food is no longer available and it could not have happened at a worse time for me. I was having my first and only litter of English Shepherd puppies and I wanted them to be the best they can be when they go to new homes.

Both parents are picky, picky eaters. I need my female healthy as she can possibly be, with a low stress level. I purchase my pet food at a local feed store, STG Feeds in Oak Grove, MO. They assured me that my dogs would rotate onto PRO PAC easily and they would eat it. (I laughed, trust me.) So….I put her on PRO PAC Performance Puppy; she LOVES i t! The puppies are thriving, their coats are glossy, they are healthy, big strong puppies! My female having delivered pups 9 days ago looks great. You literally cannot tell she was ever pregnant, unless you see her nursing the litter….she too looks great!

Thanks for a great food.”

- Cindy H.

“Hello! I want to let you know I’m a PRO PAC convert! When PRO PAC was initially proposed to me by a local dog trainer I was seeking advise from, I was thinking “another dog food empty promise.”….But, I want the best for my furry children and I thought, give it a chance and see what happens. Much to my surprise, what the trainer told me was coming true! My dogs (Papillion, Pug and Boxer) don’t eat nearly as much, they were getting the nutrition they had been lacking! OK, so that was true, what about the other claims??? Well they were true as well! Of course nothing happens overnight. After two months on PRO PAC my girls all quit shedding so much, I have a Dyson for pets and typically I had to empty the bin three times every time I vacuumed. Now it’s only ONE time! Their coats are shiny and slick and their “poop” dissolves in the rain and they don’t need as much food to be satisfied, because they are getting the proper nutrition I’m hooked! I encourage all of my friends to switch to PRO PAC. The cats are next!
I’ve attached a picture of Lakota (faun), my first foster with Sadie her “foster” sister. They loved each other from the first! They are starting on PRO PAC now too.”

- Sheryl E.

“My name is Jen and I am a proud new owner (and mama) of little Miss Bella. She is a 9 month old AKC Shih Tzu & AKC Bichon Frise mix. She is a little bit of a Diva and persnickity when it comes to meal time. I have introduced her to at least a dozen different kinds of dry foods and she refused to eat her meal unless I mixed it with soft food. So for 9 months I have been mixing dry food (to make sure she has healthy teeth) along with puppy soft food. That’s 3 extra dirty dishes and spoons a day by the way! So last week our trainer provided a sample of PRO PAC. Brought it home, tried it and well the rest is history. She loved it. The household is a happy one now and wanted to share our big day with you.”

- Jennifer S.

“I used to use another leading brand. My dog, Bear, can’t handle a lot of the other foods. I did, of course, try many foods to see what his stomach could handle. I’d always have to clean up after him. Now with PRO PAC this is not an issue. He likes the PRO PAC a lot more and leaves nothing in his dish. He even brings the dish to me when he is hungry or wants more! He never did that before. Thanks for a great food.”

- Kimberly D.

“We have to say thank you for making such a wonderful food for our pet. We have a black lab who will be turning 17 in December. His name is Fetcher and he has been eating PRO PAC since he was a pup. I truly believe his diet is one of the keys to his long happy life! Thank You.”

- Jennifer F.